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1973 Triumph TR6 PI

This stunning UK supplied Triumph TR6 was first registered on the 4th October 1973 and comes with an extensive history dating back to the 1980's. NLV 390M was subject of a major restoration back in the late 1980's and invoices for thousands of pounds worth of parts are with the car. In 1987 a specialist in high performance cars fitted a reconditioned and modified engine and carried out major body work and restoration work. We have MOT certificates with the car from 1984 and these show just 16000 miles up to 1995 and since then the TR has had very little use.

Having been off the road for much of the time since 1995, the TR has had another rebuild over the past few years. The body was totally stripped down and has been treated to brand new floors, new wings and various metal work. The car came to us as an unfinished project and we have spent in the region of £12500 completing the programme of work. The body was already rebuild, so we treated the car to a top class re-paint and fitted brand new front and rear bumpers. We also fitted a new hood, new seat covers and foams and new carpets. Mechanical work included six new injectors, new metering unit, new rear differential oil seals, new brake hoses, wheel cylinders, calipers, pads, discs, drive shafts, fuel pipes, new coolant hoses, re-conditioned heater motor and various other re-commissioning work. Since this final stage of work less than 100 miles have been covered.

NLV 390M presents superbly as a result of recent works and the body is beautifully presented with lovely straight panels and a stunning paint finish. The chassis is super clean, smartly painted body colour floors are evident underneath the car and under the carpets and underlay and chrome work is excellent. The exterior is nicely finished with a brand new hood and an excellent set of painted wire wheels. The engine bay is lovely and clean with nicely painted inner wings and a clean, engine unit and ancillaries. The interior looks superb with new carpets, seats, smart door cards and a lovely smart dashboard and steering wheel. The TR is impressive and quick on the road. It handles superbly, the engine feels fit and holds excellent oil pressure and performance is impressive. The four speed gearbox is a delight to use and the overdrive comes in and out smoothly. NLV 390M is a car that can be really used and enjoyed with confidence and is an exciting proposition considering the recent expenditure and standard of work.

Price: £SOLD