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1970 Triumph TR6

This fantastic, very usable and quick TR6 is a UK supplied, CP chassis number car with overdrive. The car was first registered on the 4th December 1970 and comes with a comprehensive history dating back as far as the late 1980’s. The TR6 was in fairly regular use during the 1990’s and MOT records show us the car covered 9000 miles from 1990 to 1996. The TR6 was then taken off the road and sold in 2001 requiring a body restoration but in sound mechanical order.

In 2001 the TR6 was subject of a bare shell body rebuild that is supported by a photographic record. With the body removed from the chassis, it was completely restored with many brand-new panels. The rebuilt bare shell was then painted inside and outside including underneath, and then carefully built back up to a show standard level. Any mechanical work seen to be required was taken care of during the build up. Since completion the TR6 has covered 8500 miles. The TR6 was back on the road in 2002 and having covered several thousand miles, in 2005 the major mechanicals were treated to a gearbox and overdrive rebuild and an engine rebuild to include new main and big end bearings,

The most recent owner has owned the Triumph for seven years and has really enjoyed using the TR6 over summer months covering over 1000 miles. During his ownership the fuel injection system was replaced with 37mm Yamaha motorbike carburetors, then set up on the rolling road with the renowned Bogg Brothers. The car was treated to a new slave cylinder and cosmetic re-freshening work including new carpets, new dashboard, new hood, various re-chroming and in 2018 a full re-paint due to the age of the restoration. The TR6 has been driven over to us from nearby Pickering and is a lovely, usable example requiring no major work and is essentially ready to go. It feels fantastic on the road, very usable with modern, comfortable leather seats, and performance is impressive and perfectly smooth with its nicely set up engine. The TR6 presents very well with an excellent bodyshell, lovely fresh-looking paintwork and chrome, nicely aged upholstery, detailed engine bay and new hood.

Price: £SOLD