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1976 VW Beetle 1303 Cabriolet

This stunning, 25,000 miles from new VW Beetle left the factory on the 21st October 1976 in L52K Barrier Blue with Pale Sand hood. The VW is a genuine 1303 Convertible, 1.6 litre built in Osnabrueck, Germany for the US market. The car comes with a fabulous history to include its original service book confirming its Delivery Inspection at VW Motors Corp in Georgia at 106 miles. Further services were carried out at 2434 and 7539 miles. The VW left Atlanta, Georgia (original US logbook with the car) in 1980 and was shipped to the UK. We have an MOT certificate from 1983 and invoices from 1982 to 1983 for maintenance in Wales before it was left untouched in the long terms owners garage for almost thirty years.

In 2013 the VW was subject of a major restoration that was carried out to an excellent standard. All the panels are still original and no welding work was required and on completion the  VW took first prize at a major VW show in South Wales. The car was restored to its original specification, still in its original colour of Barrier Blue with its original grid Scar Parchment interior. The condition is truly exceptional with stunning paintwork and bodywork, a wonderful upholstery, beautifully detailed and clean engine bay and the underside structurally exceptional.  A fortune has been spent taking this low mileage car back to a first class standard and finding one that has not required welding work will be very difficult. Under the wheel arches, behind the storage compartment carpet is beautiful clean paintwork, demonstrating the quality of this fabulous find.

Invoices from 2013/2014 detail thousands of pounds worth of expenditure with VW Heritage supplying many of the mechanical parts required for the full re-commissioning after many years off the road. As a result the VW drives perfectly and resembles a car just a few years old. The engine is excellent, strong and healthy, the gear changes are effortless and the VW handles, steers and brakes perfectly. This is a car totally on the button and is ideal for summer family touring or leaving in the South of France for open top holiday motoring. EWN 611W is quite unique and finding another low mileage example in such top class condition will not be easy. This genuine Karmann Convertible is something quite special and not the average restored Beetle.


Price: £SOLD