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1972 VW Beetle Karmann Convertible

This original home market factory RHD VW Beetle Karman Cabriolet has spent the past six years with one owner, a London based multi award winning stylist. The VW has featured in marketing campaigns and PR events for his international brand and business, and the Beetle has regularly been driven from Sussex into Central London for both enjoyment and marketing.

The VW was purchased in 2013 in Hastings and after 12 months of regular running £25,000 was spent on the car. The Beetle was taken to a long-standing Berkshire based restoration firm and treated to bodywork and a complete inside and out re-paint in Black. The car was built back up with various new seals, rubbers, gaskets and trims. BKP 211K also had expenditure to include new front and rear shocks, front shock top struts, rear spring bushes, front brake disc backing plate, inner wheel bearing seals,  interior re-trim, new running boards, new hood and various new chrome trims.

Only 2000 miles or so prior to the refurbishment program the Beetle was treated new brake pads, discs, calipers, hoses, brake pipes, new wheel bearing, gearbox strip and repair and new heat exchangers. Since the major program of work carried out in 2014/2015 the car has covered just 2000 miles. With servicing annually, the Beetle has proven perfectly reliable and during its 2019 service/health check it was treated to an alternator conversion, drive belt, fuel filter, spark plugs, ignition points, condenser, rocker gaskets, gear lever kit and new bonnet cable.  

BKP 211K drives superbly, its 1600cc engine feels strong, responsive and pulls through the gears perfectly. The gearbox changes up and down perfectly, the clutch feels healthy and brakes, steering and handling all feel correct. Several years on from the re-paint and Black finish still presents well with a deep shine, the interior is smartly presented, and the hood is still in excellent order. There no doubt this original Convertible is more than capable of regular use, long distance touring and should prove fantastic fun in good weather with the roof down.

Price: £SOLD