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1991 VW T25 Westfalia Atlantic Camper

This highly desirable rare VW Atlantic Westfalia Camper has had just one UK owner from new. The Atlantic is the very rare, last made limited edition of this great Camper Van made by Westfalia. The Westfalia was the only VW approved Camper Van converters and these models can be difficult to buy in this condition. They have a really strong following and have becoming highly desirable and much sought after. H691 PVW was supplied new in Germany and was imported to the UK in 2007 and has been with one of our long term Essex based customers who has a large collection of vintage motorbikes, auto cycles and classic cars.

Since being purchased in 2007 the VW has had an absolute fortune spent on it. The Camper had a brand new genuine VW radiator fitted, brand new Vege complete engine including cylinder head, brand new genuine VW inlet manifold, new KKK turbo, full exhaust system, rebuilt alternator, rebuilt starter motor, rebuilt vacuum pump, genuine brand new VW water pump, all new engine hoses, K&N air filter and new complete clutch and brand new genuine VW rebuilt gearbox fitted. The impressive specification continues with a  Brickwerks engine oil cooler (sited at the front with pipes running from the oil filter housing at the rear), new brake discs, rebuilt front calipers, new rear drums, new rear linings, new genuine VW pads, all new Kunifer brake pipes, stainless braided flexible hoses, new throttle cable, rebuilt drive shafts,  50mm lowering springs, correct alloy spaces fitted to compensate for the gas, waste and onboard water system, adjustable Gaz shocks, all new power steering pump pipes and four new genuine VW alloys supplied in Germany and re-furbished in the UK with brand new tyres.

The VW has had thousands of pounds worth of expenditure, essentially a full mechanical rebuild. Since the majority of the work and the new engine just 5000 KM's have been covered.  The Van really has an impressive specification and as a result of the mechanical condition it has flown through its MOT test each year and was driven faultlessly, in fact perfect, from Halstead, Essex to North Yorkshire. The condition of our Atlantic Westfalia is stunning inside. The seats are beautifully presented, the carpets are very smart, the pop top and beds are all in lovely order and everything works correctly. The superb Westfalia fittings are in place such as a fridge, double hob, captain seats and many other luxuries making this a superb tool.  It is obvious to see the Van has been owned long term by an enthusiast and from the upholstery and mechanical condition it's like driving a vehicle just a few years old. Whether motorway miles, touring Europe which is ideal being LHD or just local round town use, this VW is ideal and such a brilliant vehicle to drive and offers an excellent opportunity consider the money that has been spent on this particular example within the last 5000 KM's.

The exterior of the VW presents well with older paintwork and has a totally solid, structurally excellent underside. The paintwork has odd marks and imperfections but is structurally sound and polishes up nicely. We are happy to discuss carrying out some minor local paintwork but we are aware many VW enthusiasts like these vehicles to look nicely aged with a patina and whilst this whilst this is the case with H691 PVW, in terms of mechanicals and interior, this is like a vehicle a few years old.

Testimonial from new owner...

"we managed something like 30 nights away in it last year, a combination of weekends, festivals, and a trip round the Scottish 'NC500' route in the spring. This year we've already been to a few festi..." FULL testimonial here

Price: £SOLD