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1963 Vanden Plas Princess 3 Litre MKII

We are delighted to offer this real collector's piece. This beautiful, original car has covered an ultra-low 27,350 miles from new. We last sold the Vanden Plas in 2011 and since then it has covered little over 500 faultless miles. From the Passport to Service book, we can see the Vanden Plas has covered 7000 miles since 1984 and has clearly spent been well maintained and garaged for much of its life.

The MKII 3 litre has been cherished and meticulously maintained in order to keep the car in such fine order. It is clear from the original upholstery that this has never been a neglected car. CMH 688A still retains its original carpets that are in nicely aged condition, the woodwork is very smart with a lovely dashboard and picnic tables and the beige leather seats have a lovely patina are in stunning condition. Whilst not a show winning car, the Vanden Plas has lots of charm and presents very well with clear signs of originality.

The Vanden Plas bodywork is very good with lovely, straight panels. Wheel arches, door bottoms and lower wings are in excellent order and the car is very straight. The paintwork is of a very good standard and the top section has recently been machine polished and some areas do look original. The chrome work is bright but not perfect, tyres are very good and the engine bay looks totally original and very honest. A Leycare service sticker is still visible on the driver's doors shut, clearly indicating what an original car this is.

On the road our Vanden Plas is a true delight. The engine runs perfectly with a quiet, smooth six cylinder engine that delivers excellent power. The performance of the car is outstanding and the engine holds superb oil pressure. The gear changes are as you would expect when driving the car away brand new from the showroom and there is an invoice with the car totalling £1800 for a gearbox overhaul in 2003. The brakes are sharp, the steering effortless and the handling superb. The car drives as you would expect with little over 27,000 miles from new. This is a great find that we are delighted to own for the second time.

Price: £SOLD