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1961 Vanden Plas Princess 3 Litre

This Vanden Plas 3 Litre is the best we have ever come across. The car has been subject of a four year, £25,000 nut and bolt rebuild by one of country's top Vanden Plas specialists. Since rebuild, the ca had covered just a few hundred miles before we sold it to local customer, just three miles from our premises in July 2012. Since last summer, the Vanden Plas has only been used in fine weather and has created lots of local interest. Whilst being used as a fair weather car for local runs, the Vanden Plas was hired by the BBC for an upcoming Saturday night prime time drama.

The condition throughout is outstanding with perfectly straight panels and stunning rust free bodywork. The Vanden Plas had many news panels and was fully stripped and re-painted to a very high standard. The interior is beautiful with new leather upholstery including leather door cards and parcel shelf. The door cappings were all re-veneered and lacquered, the dash left original and very nice.  The engine was fully rebuilt and the engine bay detailed to a show standard. The front axle was rebuilt, as were brakes, suspension and all mechanical components. The gearbox was not in need of rebuild but has been stripped down and checked. 

The Vanden Plas is a true pleasure on the road giving passengers a quiet, smooth and comfortable ride. This example performs effortlessly and is a car for the discerning buyer. A show piece that any restorer would be proud to have completed.

Due in over the next few weeks.

Price: £SOLD