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1923 Vauxhall 14/40 M Type Tourer

The Vauxhall M Type was introduced at the 1921 Olympia Motor Show. The 14/40 came with a 2.3 litre four cylinder side valve engine with four speed manual gearbox with right hand side change. Our wonderful example has great provenance and featured on the front cover of the 25 year Silver Anniversairy edition of the Federation of Veteran, Vintage and Classic Vehicle Clubs in Australia in 1995.

The first owner of this stunning 1923 Vauxhall was a Mrs Vidler in London. The second owner, a Commander, emigrated to Melbourne Australia in 1925/26 and had the vehicle re-bodied by James Flood, Floor Motor Body Works, Melbourne. The Vauxhall had a further two owners in Australia before the car returned to the UK in 1997.

The last owner in Australia bought the car in 1975 and it restored the car over two years. The Vauxhall was then rallied and continuously run over the next 17 years covering over 50,000 miles. By 1994 the Vauxhall was beginning to look tatty so it was again taken off the road and treated to a full, body off, ground up restoration. The restoration included a full mechanical rebuild, new tyres, new carpets and complete plating and paint work costing in the region of $15000. The Vauxhall then covered around 8000 miles performing very well between 45 and 50 mph before returning to the UK.

The Vauxhall has now been back in the UK for 14 years and it has been with its last owner in Suffolk since 2007. This very smart, correct example still retains original Jaeger instruments, Lucas switch panel, lights and dash light and all bright work is nickel plated. The maroon and black paintwork is in beautiful order and the radiator is polished silver. The full weather equipment is in excellent order and the brown upholstery is delightful.

More recently in 2009, the last owner has spent a large amount of money having the engine thoroughly rebuilt. The Engineering Company went entirely through the engine, balanced the crank and flywheel, and replaced any worn components such as the pistons. The Vauxhall has covered very little mileage since the engine rebuild and it had some gentle running in and an MOT prior to arriving with us.

A truly wonderful motor car.

Price: £SOLD