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1939 Vauxhall 14/6 Saloon

DWT 968 was first registered on the 13th June 1939 and from an original brown ‘buff’ logbook we know the car was finished in Almond Green. We don’t have records for the first ten years but known the 14 HP Vauxhall has been in the North West since 1949.

In 1949 the Vauxhall was in Heysham, near Morecambe and the car changed hands in 1960, staying in the same town. During the 1960's DWT 968 moved to nearby Preston and whilst the car has changed hands several times since the 1960's, it was in Preston where we collected the car. Still in its orignal colours, retaining its orignal registration mark and 'buff' logbook, this is an honest, older restoration that has not moved round too much over the past 79 years.

The Vauxhall has been owned by one of our long-term elderly customers in Preston who has used the car on a daily basis. His cars are always on the button, usable but he is not the type of owner to polish and show his cars. DWT 968 is a great user, a perfect pre-war starter classic and its proven to be strong and robust with its recent owner who has now changed it for an Austin Seven. The paintwork is tatty, the interior far from perfect but retaining what could be its original seats that are in remarkably good order and whilst it can benefit from some cosmetic attention, it is perfectly usable as it is. The 14 HP six cylinder engine runs well, the gearbox is lovely to use and the Vauxhall performs well. Ideal for improvement, or just use it and enjoy it as a strong, solid, good value pre war six cylinder Vauxhall.

Price: £SOLD