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1935 Vauxhall Light Six Saloon De-Luxe

The Vauxhall Light Six Saloon De-Luxe had additional features such as leather upholstery in furniture hide, Pytchley sliding roof, chrome plated bonnet flutes and headlamps. The model was available in six colours combination, one being Black with Red wheels like our example. Vauxhall announced the 1935 Light Six range with independent front wheel springing, still more outstanding performance, modern streamline influence and roomier coachwork, cruciform frame with lower centre of gravity, syncro-mesh easy gear change, no-draught ventilation and each jacking system.

We sold this fabulous driver in 2010 to an elderly customer in Goxhill, North Lincolnshire, several years later to a customer in Lancashire and most recently again in June 2015 to long terms customers in Lincolnshire. When we sold the car in 2015 we prepared the car to a high standard and work included re-conditioning the rear axle, re-conditioning the water pump, replacing coolant hoses, re-lining the brake shoes, and replacing the sump gasket. Over the past year and a half the Vauxhall has proven to be completely reliable and has attended many events to include the Mid Lincs Rover Club rally (won Best Pre-War non Rover), Revesby Country Fair, Classic Wheels Event, Skegness, Wragby Country and Vintage Show, Carrington Rally, Scremby Open Gardens & Classic Cars, Hecklington Show and Boston Classic Car Club Rally. Over the past eighteen months the Vauxhall has really been enjoyed and has covered 2000 miles over this period.

When we first owned this six cylinder Vauxhall back in 2010 it was driven to us from Teeside and instantly proved to be a reliable pre-war classic that could be driven with confidence. Now the mileage reads at little over 75000 and we can see from previous MOT certificates that the Vauxhall has covered 21000 miles in the past 22 years. Driving this pre-war Vauxhall is an enjoyable experience and the engine is very strong with good performance. The syncomesh gearbox is a delight to use and handling and braking are great giving you confidence to really use this car. 

BFY 307 has a nicely aged feel and the upholstery is remarkably original proving this has never been a car left to ruin. Whist the trim has aged, it has a nice level of patina and has very good carpets, headlining and working sunroof. The bodywork is strong; the car is straight, solid and the underneath superb. The paintwork is bright, very presentable and has a very honest feel about it. The under bonnet area is smartly presented with a clean, detailed engine bay, the chrome work is bright and the Red wheels nicely finish the car. This is ideal if looking for a pre-war Saloon that can be driven distance with confidence, it also has the benefit of syncromesh gearbox and the powerful six cylinder engine that make this car effortless to drive. 

Price: £SOLD