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1949 Vauxhall Wyvern

This delightful and rare Vauxhall Wyvern has a low recorded mileage of 77,000. We are told the mileage is genuine and this is supported by a real feel of originality and excellent original leather that fits with that of a low mileage the car. The Vauxhall has had only four owners from new and was kept in storage off the road for almost 20 years. The car has spent much of its later life in the North East being with the same owner from 1989 to 2008. Our Wyvern was then sold to a motor engineer less than one mile away from its long term owner. Having spent so long off the road the engine was rebuilt with new pistons and the crank shaft was re-ground. The engineer then replaced the radiator, water pump and clutch. All new gaskets, a new oil pump and new timing chain were also fitted and the cylinder head was converted to run on unleaded. The Vauxhall was then put through an MOT and had regular over the summer completing around 1000 miles.

The car is beautiful inside with exceptionally clean upholstery. The paintwork is very smart and the odd scratch only gives away the cars age. The paint has a deep shine and all the bodywork is perfect. The chrome is good although the grille has some pitting. The Wyvern is very smart and looks an honest and very genuine example. Benefiting from the recent work, we are pleased to say this 40's car drives as good as the appearance would suggest. The gearbox is perfectly smooth and the car handles well. The engine is tight and like new as you would expect from the recent work.

Price: £SOLD