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1964 Volvo 1800S Coupe

This is a remarkably original, low mileage, low ownership Volvo P1800S. AJT 710B has covered just 77,000 miles from new and comes with an incredible history file warranting the mileage. This 1964 Swedish built RHD P1800S, is an interim model between the British and later Swedish production, sporting cow horn bumpers and hockey stick side trim shared with the first series British made cars. This significant and very interesting car had just one Bristol based owner from new in 1964 to 1983 and retains its original service book recording its first service by Highland Square Garage in Bristol at 1457 miles in 1964. A following six service stamps from Highland Square Garage confirm they maintained the car at 2772, 4767, 7326, 10357, 11635 and 13598 miles in July 1966. In October 1966 Premier Garages Ltd in Bristol took over maintenance and stamps are present at 15236, 18156, 19300, 21495 and 23580 miles in 1968 before Charlton Repair Garage, also Bristol serviced the Volvo at 24715, 26414, 28147 and 29214 miles in 1969. The meticulous regular servicing continued with Brookland Motors/Lex Brooklands later (Bristol) at 31998, 34512, 37104, 42034, 44971, 47584, 48464, 51073, 53503 and 57073 miles in 1973. A re-spray is recorded in the book in 1975 along with new discs and pads and a Company called Tanner and Sons in Bristol serviced the P1800S at 62053 before Lex Brooklands serviced and fitted a new exhaust in 1978 at 67378 miles. The last time Lex Brooklands serviced the car was in 1979 at 70,438 prior to Pruens (Weston) Ltd of Bristol carrying out a full service in April 1980 at 73184 miles and carrying out further maintenance and repairs in June 1980. In 1983 the Volvo changed hands for the first time with a warranted mileage of 75224 but was only used for two years and came off the road in 1985 with a mileage of 77900. The second owner in Cheltenham parted with the car in 2016 after 33 years and since then has been in the hands of classic car specialists who have re-commissioned the car and put it back on the road.

Adding to the rather impressive service book, the car comes with invoices for servicing throughout the 1960's, 1970's and early 1980's. Pages of invoices from Highland Square (Saab Main Dealership), Premier Garages, Brooklands Motors/Lex Brooklands (Volvo Main Dealership), Charlton Repair Garage and Pruens Garage (Volvo Main Dealership) making superb reading and show its first owner was not only meticulous with maintenance, but also with keeping paperwork and detailed records. Throughout the cars whole life every maintenance and service item has been recorded ensuring the next owner knows the full exact history of this very special car.  Further to the invoices is a BP Energol Lubrication booklet containing from 1964 to 1966, original owner's manual and Volvo owners club correspondence dating back to the 1980's. Since coming out of long term dry storage the Volvo has been re-commissioned and all work has been well documented. The Volvo has been treated to new front and rear shock absorbers, the cooling system has been overhauled including a new water pump, the brakes have been completely rebuilt with new servo, discs, pads, calipers, shoes and hoses. Wheel bearings have been replaced, as have track rod ends and a new set of Pirelli Cinturato tyres fitted. All fluids have been replaced and the car comprehensively serviced prior to arrival with us and the car has a current MOT with very few miles covered since.

There is no doubt AJT 710B is a true time warp. The Volvo retains its original leather upholstery and whilst worn, the seats are still in tact and if required can be re-foamed. Carpets, door cards and headlining are in particular nice order and the beautiful stylish gauges are in lovely condition. The Volvo exterior looks impressive but only close inspection its clear the car has not been painted for many, many years as documented in the history. The Red paintwork has a good deep shine but on close inspection there are some blemishes and imperfections that are commensurate with such an honest, original car. The Volvo is structurally sound with a good, solid underside and brightwork has pitted but is certainly acceptable if looking for a usable classic. This P1800S drives really well, it has a strong sound engine that's had an exceptional level of maintenance over its life time and the gearbox is also equally as impressive. With recent suspension, steering and brake re-commissioning work, the car drives particularly well with a good, tight road holding. This is a very interesting car and is perfect for regular use, weekend touring and a wonderful base car for taking to the next level if desired. With a cosmetic program of work this could be a real show piece and in current condition offers a very sound, original motor car that can really be used. Examples with this level of history and provenance are incredibly hard to find and with warranted mileage and low ownership, this is should be a very sought after car.



Price: £SOLD