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1967 Volvo P1800 Coupe

We are delighted to offer this outstanding Volvo P1800 onto the market. This car has been subject of a seven-year restoration and is now completed and ready to be back on the road for the first time since 1993. Old MOT certificates tell us the car was in regular use during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. In 1988 the Volvo had 36630 miles recorded and by 1992 a further 21,000 had been covered in just four years taking the mileage to 57897 at its 1992 MOT test. In 2004 the Volvo was sold to a gentleman in Southern Ireland who had intended to restore the car. His circumstances changed, and the car never left the UK, staying in a paid for dry storage facility in Epsom, Surrey until the most recent owners bought the car in 2012.

In 2012, the Volvo rebuild began and the owner stripped the vehicle down to the bare shell. Heritage Classics of Middlesbrough collected the bare shell, cut off the poor front wings and sills, and then blasted the bodyshell to bare metal and etch primed it. With all parts removed, they then re-chromed the front grill, all four quarter bumpers, bumper centres, quarter light frames and rear window finisher and stripped, blasted and powder coated the front and rear suspension components and assemblies and various other ancillaries. Whilst the body was away, the engine was being rebuilt and some other parts such as the heater, out cover and matrix were being shot blasted and then overhauled. Brookhouse Volvo supplied a new clutch kit, starter motor, water pump, oil pump and parts for the rear crankshaft seal conversion. A local engineering company supplied main and big end bearings, completed the cylinder head conversion and carried out various machining work.

The shell in etch prima was then re-delivered for the body restoration. Brookhouse Volvo supplied two new front wings, various floor sections, new outer sill panels and all the required glass seals, body rubbers and seals. The bare shell was then restored as required, then transported our very own Malton Coachworks bodyshop for a full professional inside and outside bare shell re-paint. We provided an exceptional ‘glass' finish re-paint and re-furbished the wheels. The Volvo was then transported back to its owners for the re-fit. The rebuilt engine was installed with all its powder coated ancillaries, the powder coated suspension was all re-fitted, brakes completely overhauled and re-fitted, the back axle and half shafts treated to new seals and re-fitted. Thousands of pounds worth of new parts were fitted, to name a few the invoices in the history detail new ball joints, front brake discs, various gaskets and seals, wheel cylinders, poly bushes, engine and gearbox mountings, shock absorbers, panhard bush kit, centre track rod, radiator hoses, heater hoses, slave cylinder, master cylinders, the list of parts goes on and on. The Volvo was mechanically rebuilt, re-fitted with the re-furbished chrome, glass, new lighting, various gaskets, seals and rubbers, new tyres and the interior re-trimmed and beautifully put back together. Sadly, before the Volvo was MOT tested and put back on the road the owner passed away and we were asked to collect the car and carry out the final touches before selling the car.

We have now (due to the time standing) replaced the brake and clutch fluid, checked and tightened various bolts, cleaned and adjusted the new brakes, carried out various snagging jobs and then presented the car for an MOT which as expected it passed. The final jobs were to fit brand new hub caps and wheel embellishers and the car is now complete and presented in beautiful condition awaiting a new owner who can enjoy the car without any hesitation. A colossal amount of work has been carried out on this car and it has been carried out with no expense spared. Specialist work was contracted out when required, but the last owner really enjoyed what was a labour of love, completing a restoration that would cost well in excess of £50,000. The car is exceptional, the underside as you would expect when new with lots of brand new nuts, bolts and components on show. The body is structurally outstanding, the panels are perfect and the paint finish seven years later still retaining a beautiful shine. Chrome work gleams, the engine bay is ready to display at show level and the car drives superbly. It is beautiful to drive, handling feels precise and tight, the engine is strong with first class performance, the gearbox changes up and down smoothly and the driving experience is further enhanced with its lovely, detailed and very smart upholstery. This is a great opportunity to buy a freshly rebuilt car that is ready to enjoy at a fraction of the cost of rebuilding a car to this standard.

Price: £SOLD