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1955 Volvo PV444

As a bearer of hope for peace and better times, Volvo presented the PV444 at the large Volvo exhibition in Stockholm, in September 1944. The price was very attractive - 4,800 Swedish crowns, the same as for Volvos first car in 1927. The appearance of the 444 was influenced by American styling. Some would say it looks like a miniature 1940s Ford. This car was the first Volvo to have a unitary body without a separate frame. It was also equipped with a laminated windscreen, an important new safety innovation. Interest was enormous and the original planned production figure of 8,000 cars became almost 200,000 before the PV444 became the PV544. The 444 was the first small Volvo car and the one which really set car production at Volvo moving.The PV444 was also the first Volvo in almost 20 years to come with a 4-cylinder engine. These early PV444s were powered by a 40 hp 1.4 L inline 4 cylinder engine designated the B4B with three main bearings, overhead valves, and a single downdraft carburettor. It is remarkably nimble for 1.4 litre and in many ways feels much more modern than it is.

Our car was one of two owned by a Lithuanian gentleman from the Midlands. This was his everyday user and is absolutely super to drive. The underbody is fabulous and the car is remarkably free from any corrosion. It has a new M.O.T and has just benefitted from a brake reline. Paintwork is good but not prefect and the original cloth seats are getting tired. The original type fabric is still available for those who might want to improve the interior. The mechanics are very good indeed and the car feels very competent with it's all round coil suspension and efficient brakes.

A rare and eye-catching car.

Price: £SOLD