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1971 Wolseley 18/85 S from 'The Iron Lady'

This stunning Lime Flower Wolseley 18/85 MKII is the very car that graced the silver screens, driven by Meryl Streep in the feature film 'The Iron Lady'. LSE 256J is a match for what Margaret Thatcher drove many, many years ago and this rare car now gives opportunity for someone to become custodian of a piece of British history. This rare, collectable car not only has provenance, but since selling to the last owner in 2013 has had a remarkable £8,000 spent on making this an absolutely stunning example that is worthy of entering shows and rallies.

The Wosleley 18.85 MKII S was Britain's top of the range home grown technologically advanced family saloon car and survivors today are said to be in single figures. This is an incredibly rare car and this particular car, having had so much recent expenditure makes it an ideal collector's piece.  The ‘Land Crab' as the car become known, was launched in 1964 as the Austin 1800 and later Morris 1800, however the top of the range Wolseley version did not reach the market until 1967 and was much more upmarket with more luxurious trim and classy styling. The 18/85 featured a re-designed nose, additional chrome trims, rubber faced over-riders and the interior featured much higher quality seats, walnut door capping's and dashboard with dial type instruments. The MKII was introduced in the Spring on 1969 and later that year saw the launch of the ‘S' that boasted twin carburettors and a different manifold and exhaust set. This example has been modified to a more fuel efficient single carburettor but does still carry the rare metal side rubbing strips and sport S emblem on the rear setting it apart from other Wolseley 18/85's.

Prior to selling to the last owner in 2013 the Wolseley was treated to various new parts to include ball joint gaiters, front tie bar rubbers, metal brake pipes, CV gaiter, regulator, new lower engine steady bar rubbers, front brake flexible hoses and regular service items. Since then £8000 has been spent on substantial bodywork that included cutting out poor metal work, letting in new sections and fully preparing the body for a complete re-spray. As a result the Wolseley looks stunning, ideal for shows or even a museum. The upholstery has had over £1000 spent on it including new carpets, a new headlining and seat repairs. The woodwork has been removed, re-veneered and polished and re-fitted so the interior of the car is truly first class. Several thousand pounds have been spent on mechanical work to include a new clutch master cylinder, rear suspension work to include hydrolastic valves, new dynamo/PAS belt, new washer pump, track rod ends and service work. The radio has been re-wired, the clock and speedo sent away for re-conditioning and having had this expenditure, the car is now as it should be, totally stunning.

LSE 256J drives as you would expect an almost new 18/85 to drive. It is surprisingly fast, the power steering feels perfect, the car handles brakes and runs superbly.  The gear changes are smooth, the car sounds fantastic and with a stunning, gleaming paint finish it really does tick all the boxes. This is a wonderful opportunity, somewhat unrepeatable considering the rarity of these cars, the recent expenditure and of course the recent film history.  The car comes with original handbook, workshop manual, ‘The Iron Lady' press clips and invoices for the recent work carried out. 

Price: £SOLD