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Price: £34,995

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1936 Wolseley 21 Tickford Drop Head Coupe

This is said to be the one, sole known surviving Wolseley Series II 21 HP Saloon that has been further enhanced with a Salmons & Sons Ltd Tickford opening and closing roof. The Wolseley was manufactured on the 24th April 1936 and spent much of its early life in the South of England, then the Netherlands and Southern Ireland before coming back to the UK.

The Wolseley has been subject of a major restoration with many photographs showing the car comprehensively stripped down. The Wolseley body appeared in excellent structural condition at the point of rebuild and with panels re-fitted, the car was professionally re-painted in its Black over Cream colour combination. The chrome work has all been re-furbished and two Irish club badges are fitted to the front badge bar. The Marchal headlamps are in beautiful condition, as are the Wolseley grill, spotlamps and hub caps. The upholstery has been fully re-trimmed with seats, door cards, kick panels and quarter panels all matching and presenting beautifully. The hood is in excellent condition, as is the headlining.  The original dashboard and lovely period cream dials are all in place and the internal woodwork has been beautifully re-polished.

JSL 252 is a powerful car, equipped with its six-cylinder 3013cc 21HP engine that holds impressive oil pressure. The engine is very well presented and has been subject of recent detailing. The four-speed gearbox (crash box on 1st and 2nd) is lovely to use and handling feels responsive, brakes pull up straight and the Wolseley offers relaxed and very advanced cruising for a car of its age. Our 21HP is a very rare example and its Salmon & Sons Ltd roof ensures the car is ideal for summer use.

Price: £34,995