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About Classic & Sportscar Centre

A Heritage of Excellence

Classic & Sportscar Centre is much more than just a new name for Grundy Mack. The Company is still privately owned by the Szkiler family. The Company was founded by Nick and Paul Szkiler in 1991. Nick's son James joined the firm full time after his graduation from University and is now very much in the driving seat, so along with the new season for the business comes a new name.

Jim Collin's famous book 'From Good to Great' contains some wonderful insights including 'gems' like how important it is to compile a 'to don't list' rather than a typical 'to do list'. Another is what it really means to value customers and provide a truly memorable level of service. After almost 15 years of progress in Grundy Mack, we concluded that what we do and what we achieved is really good, but where we're aiming for is 'great'. We sell cars up to 100 years old. We buy them for ourselves and also sell them for others.

Every one is different - that's part of the fun! Different styles from different eras. Each one is individual, distinctive and interesting, evoking memories of a time when the world really was a different place. Compared to modern cars, they are a triumph of style over function! Typically they are a bit less reliable, but oh the joy and adventure! Older cars may be inconsistent, but we aim to prepare them to a consistent high standard. Our customers want to enjoy them, not fix them! So what are the 'To do' and 'To don't' lists for our Company?

To Don't

  • Don't tell lies about anything
  • Don't make promises you can't keep
  • If in doubt, don't buy it
  • Don't cut corners where safety is concerned

To Do

  • Tell the truth (even when stranger than fiction!)
  • Describe the cars honestly
  • Be fair
  • Listen
  • Keep your promises

The wonderful Grundy Mack customers who spent over £20,000,000 with us since 1991 keep coming back to buy again. Their good experience brought us repeat business. We've always been a company with a strong sense of social responsibility. When we say we care, we mean it. Now we're Classic & Sportscar Centre. Like it says on the label, we sell Classics and Sportscars. We'll sell yours too if you let us. We did a good job in the past. We aim to do a really great one as Classic and Sportscar Centre!

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