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1955 Austin A40 Devon Passenger Van

The Austin A40 Devon, with a frontal shape immortalised in the J40 Child’s pedal car was produced between 1949 and 1952. It featured the new and lively 1200cc ‘B’ Series engine which went on to propel the MGB for a further 30 years. As became later BMC practice, car derived vans often continued in production beyond saloon production. In the case of the Devon Van, production continued until 1956.

We acquired this splendidly original Windsor Grey Austin A40 Devon Factory Passenger Van, near Innerleithen in Scotland. It has been with one owner in dry storage for 33 years. After two years with its original private owner, DS 3574 became the delivery vehicle for Ramsay Motors of Austin House, Peebles before being sold on to Innerleithen Garage.  It is an absolutely unrepeatable find. The ‘time-warp' Castrol Service book indicates that it had a Gold Seal replacement engine in 1961 at 70,941 miles. The mechanical and structural  condition is amazing. Of particular note is the column change four speed gearbox which works perfectly with all synchros functioning and with quiet bearings. The engine is lusty and sound.  

We know from the history file that the vehicle was repainted in 1986 and all underbody work including ‘red-leading' under the front wings was done at the time. It is completely solid and sound, though the now very old paintwork shows some tiny rustspots. The van is capable of carrying up to 10CWT with the seats folded and with them raised is a spacious six-seater.  Whilst the van could be further improved following some minor re-commissioning, it can be test driven and would make the most attractive ‘oily rag' show exhibit.

The original transferable DS plate has a retail value of £2500 - £3,000. We think it should stay on the vehicle and comes with the van.


Price: £SOLD