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1964 Jaguar E-Type Series I 4.2 FHC

We are delighted to offer this magnificent very early Jaguar Series One 4.2 FHC onto the market. CJY 217C is the 48th RHD 4.2 Coupe off the production line and is a matching numbers car still retaining its original colour of Opalescent Silver Blue. The car was manufactured on the 22nd October 1964, the launch month of the 4.2L E-Type, and dispatched on the 11th November 1964, distributed out of Henlys Limited, London. The Series One 4.2 model is one of the most sought-after models with the combination of the beautiful early E-Type external features with the more user friendly all syncromesh gearbox, superior Lockheed brake servo and of course larger, torquier 4.2 engine offering much improved drivability and power. The electrical and cooling systems were vastly improved, and the interior boasted more support and comfort for both driver and passenger with updated seats making longer distance touring more comfortable.

In 2010, this top class car was subject of a major restoration and the owner was very careful in retaining some of the cars original features. For example, the original window glass was carefully professionally polished ensuring the original 1964 Kite marks were kept in place and lots of time and effort went into sourcing the last available original type everflex body colour webasto material was used for the sunroof. CJY 217C was subject of a major top class body restoration that ensured perfect swage/bodylines and panel gaps were in place. A new Jaguar bonnet was purchased and on completion of the bodywork, the shell was painted inside and outside ensuring an immaculate, show standard underside was achieved. The shell was painted in the cars original colour of Opalescent Silver Blue. All chrome work was renewed, all new rubbers and trims fitted, and the car was ready for build-up.
Invoices total in the region of £35,000 between 2010 and 2012 for the build up process. Most of the work was carried out by a Cornwall based Morgan main dealership and Jaguar specialists M&C Wilkinson in South Yorkshire (the car being transported to Yorkshire for part of the restoration works). The E-Type was treated to new and upgraded front brakes, electronic ignition, a stainless steel exhaust system, new adjustable shock absorbers, new clutch, new propshaft, the coolant system was overhauled, as was the fuel system including powder coating the fuel tank, period seat belts were fitted, tyres replaced, all electrical work was overhauled, dashboard instruments were removed, bezels replaced and instruments serviced, a period new updated radio fitted and the car completely re-trimmed.
CJY 217C has only covered 2000 miles since completion of the work and presents in outstanding condition. The bodywork is exceptional, paintwork first class, chrome work stunning and the underside and engine bay are of a top-class standard. The engine is stunning, highly detailed the underside of the car is equally as impressive. The re-trimmed upholstery is of the highest of standards and the car is truly outstanding to drive. The original 4.2 engine is magnificent with excellent oil pressure, strong impressive performance and torque, the all syncro gearbox is faultless with beautiful smooth changes and the E-Type handles perfectly with superb steering, sharp efficient brakes and a lovely ride. This is a very special car, it drives as you'd expect the ultimate E-Type to drive and has the provenance of matching numbers, being a genuine UK RHD car, its original and highly desirable colour and is of course a car manufactured in the first month of production of one of the most highly regarded Jaguar models. 

Price: £SOLD