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Price: £59,995

Jaguar E-Type Series III V12 FHC Auto
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1972 Jaguar E-Type Series III V12 FHC Auto

KMH 308K is an original RHD UK specification E-Type still retaining its original colours and engine. The car has covered 70,000 miles from new, warranted by a history dating back to when it was just a few years old. This is a car that has never been restored, it has covered low annual mileage and 28 MOT certificates dating back as far 1976 show the car has never spent long periods off the road. First registered on the 16th February 1972, this Jaguar had covered 25,598 miles in its first four years so just 44000 miles have been covered in the past 42 years.

In 1977, Vincent James Autos Ltd in Canvey Island registered the car in their name and they MOT tested the car at 31585 miles. The Canvey Island dealers Company sticker is still in the rear window today. The E-Type stayed in the South East throughout the late 1970's and 1980's, and by 1990 it was still in the Canvey Island area and was MOT tested at 47246 miles. The E-Type didn't get much use during the 1990's, in fact just 600 miles from 1990 to 1998 but in the next year the car covered 4000 miles taking the warranted mileage to 52,000. From 2000 to 2008 a further 10000 miles were recorded, showing what a usable car, this really is. Ten years later, the E-Type has 70,000 miles, covering a steady average of 1000 miles per year.

This largely standard, very correct car has come to us from a Bradford based customer who has been dealing with us for over 25 years. The E-Type was his daily driver over the 2017 summer but in 2018 use has been limited. The car has arrived with us on the button, in strong, original condition and the car has some lovely features to include the webasto sunroof. The car presents well with nice straight panels, impressive gaps and good quality older paintwork. The brightwork is of a very high standard and the chrome wire wheels are in lovely order. The interior is exceptional with stunning leather, clean well-presented carpets, headlining, door cards and dash. Everything works correctly such as gauges, interior lights and door locks and the car has a very honest feel and look to it.

Mechanically KMH 308K is in strong condition with a very low mileage V12 engine offering healthy oil pressure and fabulous performance. The automatic gearbox is exceptionally smooth and an invoice is present in the file for rebuild some years back. This robust, reliable V12 doesn't require any major mechanical work and will be fully serviced, prepared and supplied with 12 months MOT for its next owner. It drives well with effortless power assisted steering, brakes feel sharp and the car handles beautifully. There is no doubt the E-Type has been well maintained in recent years and invoices within the history confirm this. The most significant expenditure in the cars recent history was between 2012 and 2014 when over £12,000 was spent on the car. Work included a new fuel pump, uprated wishbones, rebuilding carburettors, fitting silicone HT leads, new rear spring/shock assemblies, new radius arm bushes, torsion bars, front shock absorbers, new quad optic headlamps, new starter motor, re-conditioned power steering rack, new steering pump, new hoses, engine mountings, gearbox mounting bush, new SS exhaust system and replacement new diff pinion oil seal. Invoices throughout the 1990's and early 2000's are also with the car detailing various upkeep and maintenance. KMH is a car that can be driven with confidence, the consistent use shows what a reliable car this is and the recent program of work has ensured the car is in strong mechanical condition. This is such a lovely touched low mileage car that offers a very sensible route into E-Type ownership.

Price: £59,995