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1965 Jaguar MKII 3.8 Manual O/D

This fantastic looking uprated car is a true drivers car and comes with an exceptional history and background of extensive overseas long distance touring. The car has been driven to us from Gloucestershire and has recently undergone over £12,500 of work to include a fully re-trimmed leather upholstery, freshly painted body colour wires, Coombs style spats, some paint re-finishing work and a brake overhaul to include new calipers. The Jaguar is finished in its original colour of Indigo Blue, is equipped with an impressive 3.8 litre engine and not only does the car present as a very sporty looking, usable MKII, it’s also incredible quick and quite simply first class to drive.

CWV 59C started life with a Wiltshire based lady owner in 1965, leaving the factory in Indigo Blue with Grey leather upholstery. The Jaguar stayed with its first owner for 22 years, covering 75000 miles with its original service book stamped up having had 10 services. In 1987 the lady sold the MKII to its second owner who's plan was to extensively tour with the car. The car was sold in totally standard specification with its factory supplied 2.4 litre engine but its new owner on one of its early touring trips to France was finding the car underpowered. At this point, a rebuilt 3.8 litre unit was fitted along with an improved Jaguar rear axle making the car far more powerful with relaxed higher cruising speeds. The Jaguar was now ready for more serious touring and covered 27,000 miles with its second owner, and many of them on the European Continent. The car took part in many JEC events, picked up awards and having reliably toured Europe for so many years should give its next owner lots of confidence.

In 2012 the MKII was treated to a bare metal re-paint that included removal of all brightwork and the doors. The car was ready for fresh paintwork and any new metal work required was taken care of. There are photos recording the work and several years on from this we can report a stunning gleaming paint finish and excellent straight panels. The door fit is superb and the car has wonderful straight lines right throughout the car. Chromework has all been replaced, as have all the tyres and the recent addition of painted wires and Coombs style spats really give the car a long distance touring, ‘race'  look. The underside is structurally superb and presents well as a car that has never spent any point in its life being neglected. Whilst the car is modified in several respects, there are lovely signs of originality with this car too. It still retains its tool kit, originally supplied registration mark, buff logbook, service book and presents in its original colour scheme.

The interior of the car is beautiful having had the seats re-foamed and completely re-trimmed in high quality leather. New carpets, door cards and kick panels have all be trimmed and tailor fitted to the car, the centre console fully re-trimmed and a new headlining and boot mat are also in place. The engine bay is correct, well presented and fits with a useable, regularly driven MKII. This is a special car, it must be as good as they come driving wise and it has truly stunning looks having had the recent cosmetic expenditure. This car is perfect for on the Continent touring, it has proven reliable, great fun and it can be driven anywhere with confidence. The engine is super fit and strong holding excellent oil pressure, it delivers a lovely raspy exhaust note and the all syncromesh gearbox is effortless to use with a smooth overdrive coming in and out. This is a superbly fettled car and it needs to be driven.

Price: £SOLD