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  • New life for cars with character

    New life for cars with character

    Source: Yorkshire Post, November 2007

    There's no doubt that cars have come a long way over the years but has all the technology that is crammed into modern vehicles really made things better or has something important been lost in the process?

  • Trade Talk

    Trade Talk

    Source: Classic Cars For Sale, January 2005

    Continuing our series on classic car traders, plus what's happening on the forecourts and who has the best deals! This month Grundy Mack

  • First of A new line

    First of A new line

    Source: Classic and Sports Car, September 2002

    With sleek style, old-world charm and fine manners, the MGA has a foot in old and new MG camps. Paul Hardiman is the go-between

  • Dealer Talk

    Dealer Talk

    Source: Popular Classics, April 1999

    If you are worried that buying a classic car from a dealer means paying through the nose, fear not! At Grundy Mack you can buy with confidence at prices similar to the private market. Jonathan Hill went to investigate their sales and service.

  • Heritage For Sale

    Heritage For Sale

    Source: Practical Classics, April 1998

    Intrigued by the idea of a motor museum where all the exhibits are for sale, Russ Smith heads for Yorkshire to find the man with the vision and drive some of his cars

  • Dealer Talk

    Dealer Talk

    Source: Classic Cars Bulletin, January 1998

    One of the most striking features of the classic vehicle movement in the last few years has been the high incidence of buyers seeking vehicles that they can get about in and use on events.

  • Jowett Jaunt

    Jowett Jaunt

    Source: Practical Classics, April 1997

    What better for visiting Yorkshire transport museums than three contrasting Bradford-built Jowetts, reckons Nick Larkin. But he returns from the trip an angry young man

  • Rover's Return

    Rover's Return

    Source: Popular Classics, August 1995

    When Melville Cleaver was crawling home from work across Newport Bridge at 12.45pm on November 2, 1957, he had no idea that his ancient Rover had been photographed by the police... Nor that it would mean a pleasant surprise 38 years later, when amateur detective Nick Larkin hit town in a rather special car

  • Head And Heart

    Head And Heart

    Source: Popular Classics, February 1995

    Your heart wants one classic. Your head demands another for everyday use. The answer? Satisfy both parts of your anatomy by buying them a car each. Our intrepid team make their choices from Grundy Mack

  • Brothers gave Christmas gifts to sick children

    Brothers gave Christmas gifts to sick children

    Source: Huddersfield Daily Examiner, January 1995

    Two businessmen from Huddersfield visited Poland to give Christmas cheer to sick children.