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  • Emotional Reunion down in Somerset

    Emotional Reunion down in Somerset

    Source: Huddersfield Daily Examiner, August 1991

    Huddersfield businessman and self-confessed car fanatic Nick Szkiler organised an emotional reunion for an 82-year-old former chauffeur and his favourite car.

  • Rover's Return

    Rover's Return

    Source: Popular Classics, August 1995

    When Melville Cleaver was crawling home from work across Newport Bridge at 12.45pm on November 2, 1957, he had no idea that his ancient Rover had been photographed by the police... Nor that it would mean a pleasant surprise 38 years later, when amateur detective Nick Larkin hit town in a rather special car

  • Brothers gave Christmas gifts to sick children

    Brothers gave Christmas gifts to sick children

    Source: Huddersfield Daily Examiner, January 1995

    Two businessmen from Huddersfield visited Poland to give Christmas cheer to sick children.

  • Head And Heart

    Head And Heart

    Source: Popular Classics, February 1995

    Your heart wants one classic. Your head demands another for everyday use. The answer? Satisfy both parts of your anatomy by buying them a car each. Our intrepid team make their choices from Grundy Mack