Classic and Sportscar Centre

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Selling Your Classic Car

We offer two types of service for prospective sellers, outright purchase or sale by brokerage.

Outright purchase

Classic & Sportscar Centre are always on the lookout for first class examples of the type of cars we sell. In particular, cars of the Bentley, MG, Austin-Healey, Riley, Triumph, and Jaguar marques. We will consider all makes provided the cars meet our high quality standards. Please contact us by email, Fax or telephone with details of the car you have to offer.

Brokerage sale

Classic Car valuation is not an exact science, but we have many years of practical experience to rely on. Under our brokerage arrangement, we sell your car returning a fixed predetermined price to you once a sale has been achieved. Unlike Auction houses which charge transportation costs, entry fees and commission, we work on a no-sale - no-fee basis, achieving realistic prices typically higher than we would offer for outright purchase. Our confidence in our ability and our track record in selling Classic Cars means we rarely fail to sell.

We provide prospective customers with the same part exchange facilities when selling brokerage stock and cars are prepared to exactly the same standard. Vendors do not have the worry of strangers visiting their home and the other negative aspects of selling privately. We offer a discreet and professional service and we take care of all the logistics. Please contact us for further information.