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1974 Triumph GT6 MkIII

This stunning, show standard Triumph GT6 MKIII has been subject of a restoration that took almost seven years to complete. The car was purchased in December 2006 and was driven from Cheshire to Romsey in Hampshire. A rolling restoration was then set out, however this soon turned into a full strip down and nut and bolt restoration. Once totally stripped down, the body was rebuilt using various BMH parts and panels and all metal parts, whether exposed or hidden were removed from the car, shot blasted and powder coated. The body was then built up to an exceptional standard having had all corrosion removed, then once prepared both chassis and bodyshell re-painted and built up with renewed chrome. The interior was re-trimmed, dashboard built up with clean, all working gauges and the car carefully re-fitted with new and re-conditioned parts.

The engine was completely stripped down and the cylinder block found to be in very good condition. The engine had not been burning oil, the cylinder bores showed little wear so apart from a decoke the engine was left alone, clearly having had a major rebuild at some stage in its past. The engine was fitted with a TR6 duplex timing chain and a new distributor, the cylinder head was sent for re-conditioning and the valves treated to bronze inserts, valve seats were recut and the head then re-fitted with a new gasket. The gearbox was stripped down and totally rebuilt and the overdrive unit rebuilt by Overdrive Repair Services in Sheffield. The differential was rebuilt and was treated to a new crown wheel and pinion, UJ's were all renewed and the propshaft balanced. The original Stromberg carburettors were replaced with SU HS6 carbs, the car then put on the rolling road and with the new carb set up, the GT6 produced 108bhp compared to the 96bhp at the time of production. The GT6 was also treated to a stainless steel exhaust system and waterless coolant used.

The attention to detail was superb with the engine bay put together and completed to a show standard finish. The underside of the car is excellent, under wheel arches are super clean and the car gleaming in every respect. The GT6 was completed in late 2017 and since then has covered less than 2000 miles. SAC 644M has arrived with us in outstanding condition with first class bodywork and paint, exceptional chrome work, excellent wheels, as new tyres and a beautifully presented engine bay area. The inside of the car is immaculate, its clean, sharp, comfortable and totally correct. On the road this GT6 is fantastic fun and it feels quick, as reported the engine is in first class order as is the rebuilt gearbox and differential. Having been mechanically rebuilt, there is no major work required, the GT6 is ready to use and enjoy with a rebuilt cooling, electrical, braking and steering system, the rebuilt suspension feels superb. This is a fabulous car, with the exception of the bigger carbs and minor improvements such as a high torque starter, this is a factory correct car that has been fully rebuild to a condition where it can be entered into shows and events, or just enjoyed, driven and used for long distance touring. The GT6 MKIII comes with two full comprehensive folders of restoration invoices totalling thousands of pounds and a detailed photographic record.

Price: £SOLD