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Price: £139,995

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  • 1965 Mercedes Benz 230SL 5 Speed Manual

1965 Mercedes Benz 230SL 5 Speed Manual

This show standard, pristine collection quality Mercedes Benz 230SL is an original RHD, UK Home Market car, first registered on the 17th May 1965 with matching numbers and rare, highly desirable and original 5 speed ZF gearbox. GWB 434C has covered just 200 miles since a complete nut and bolt restoration that has lasted almost 26 years, with the most recent owner spending in the region of £95,000 to complete the work between 2014 and 2016.

This Pagoda spent much of its early life in Cheshire, it was in Macclesfield for the majority of the 1970's and by 1980 had covered 91,000 miles when it was sold to a lady in Congleton. In ten years of ownership the SL covered less than 4000 miles. A letter in the history file from the lady confirms the engine was rebuilt in 1980 where the crankshaft was re-ground, bearings and pistons were replaced with the Mercedes Benz main agents in Manchester at 91539 miles in 1980. When she sold the car in 1990, the car had covered 3893 miles since the engine work.

On the 8th May 1992 ‘The Mercedes Benz Owners Club Ltd' inspected the car confirming it was generally sound with no major rust damage, was running well but was in partially dismantled condition. The new owner had begun a restoration that did not see completion by the time he sold the car in 2014. During his ownership the car was fully dismantled, and the body was treated to new floor pans, front inner wings, rear inner wheel arches, rear outer wheel arches, lower wing panels new inner sills and jacking point sections, new outer sills and new front and rear panels.  

In 2014 having seen little progress in over 20 years, the SL was sold to the most recent owner, a Lancashire based collector. At this point the SL was subject to a no-expense spared restoration that has taken the car to the most outstanding condition. In the region of £95,000 has been spent, dismantling the car again and treating it to an exceptional bare metal re-paint ensuring perfect panel gaps and alignments. The underside is as new, truly outstanding in every respect. The engine was removed and rebuilt (although little mileage covered since its 1980 rebuild) with new pistons, main bearings, big end bearings, new camshaft, fully rebuilt cylinder head to unleaded specification and new timing chain, oil seals etc. Labour included re-lining the cylinder block, re-grinding and polishing the crankshaft, balancing re-bushing timing sprockets and carrying out detailing and paintwork to the engine. The SL was also treated to new water pump, new clutch, flywheel bolts, new oil pump pipe, new injector pump and injectors, new electronic ignition, new fuel pump, fuel tank, new power steering system, stainless steel exhaust system, brakes and suspension overhaul and many new seals, hoses, pipes, switches, cables, clips, rivets, mouldings, trims etc.

Upon build-up of the car thousands of pounds worth of new chrome was purchased, new lamps, new glass, drop glass guides, polished wood set also bought new, the hard top was fully re-furbished, new hood frame and soft top fitted, the interior trim completely re-trimmed to an exceptional standard, the dashboard and gauges fully stripped and restored, then carefully re-fitted to the car, the boot compartment prepared, detailed and trimmed, the engine bay beautifully re-fitted and highly detailed to ensure the car was ready to be presented in show condition as part of an impressive top class collection. Since completion just 200 miles or so have been completed and the car is truly pristine. The body, paint, chrome, interior, engine bay and underside are immaculate, this has been a no expense spared rebuild and the results are first class. On the road this Mercedes Benz meets expectations with a perfect rebuilt engine holding excellent oil pressure, the highly desirable 5 speed ZF gearbox is superb to use, power steering effortless, handling and braking first class ensuring this top class collector's piece offer comfort, luxury and a completely first class driving experience. This is an incredible show car and is certainly an example for the most fastidious of collectors. In one of its very few outings since completion, it won ‘Best Car' at the Mercedes Benz Manchester Show.

Price: £139,995